February 18th, 2020

The 5 most important telesales tools to optimize your performance

Good software and optimization tools can have a huge impact on your growth. Here is five important telesales tools for call center telesales optimization.
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Optimizing your telesales performance is very close to guaranteeing success of your business. Good software and optimization tools can have a huge impact on your growth. Knowing your business flaws and shortcomings open up a space for fixing them. When it comes to sales process optimization, more conversion is inevitable, and more profit is an end goal.

There are so many factors why customers are not buying your “perfect” pitch. Being transparent about your processes  would give you an insight of what you are doing wrong. Is it poor market research, pushy salespeople, bad script or simply a useless product you’re selling?

Here are 5 important telesales tools for call center telesales optimization:

1. Caller info on screen

Screen pops that show the agents who they are talking to and give them the propect's history up front, is indispensable for any call center. By providing the agents with all necessary information right from the start of a conversation makes it easier for the agents to dive right into the call without wasting time on preliminaries. Those kinds of databases are fantastic for your agents. Knowing your customer beforehand, their pain points, needs, and characteristics make it easier to set the tone of communication. Make sure to have a tool that allows you to enrich your lead with necessary data and logs all activities – this will make it easier to make a follow up later on.

2. Call recording

Successful telesales require call recordings for many reasons: to check the effectiveness of the script (and to modify it if necessary), to use as agent training material, and to use as a tool to solve potential conflicts with customers or simply to use the recording as documentation when closing a deal. Call recording is good for objectively evaluating your communication skills, customers' mood and overall rating of a conversation. Knowing common mistakes, general obstacles of customers, level of established report and duration of every call can be very teaching. Always make sure the lead has consented to the recording, before tapping the record button.

3. Blacklists

As a call center telesales company it is natural that some of the customers will be upset due to being contacted. Those customers should be taken seriously. If the customer declares they do not want to be called, their number should be entered into the blacklist, which is a list of phone numbers agents are prohibited to call. Make sure to wash your leads against official blacklists as well. This is not only a matter of keeping a good reputation – this is also a matter of being compliant and avoid potential heavy financial penalties by the government.

4. Flexible script software

There is software out there that can help you create a perfect script online. Telesales scripts can be displayed as a chart, multiple images, interactive design, highlighted points, etc. You are able to organize chunks of text how you want, making it suitable. Those scripts contain hyperlinks that lead to more info about some items you are promoting. So, even if you can’t remember all of the specifics of your product, the software will do the work for you. Taking the pressure off the agent, opens up the space for improvisation and lets the agent's communication skills stand out.

5. Data

Data is not just something you report to your stakeholders to keep track of the KPIs. Data is pure gold – if you have the right data and manage to use it strategically to optimize your performance. By tracking and analyzing your campaigns, it is possible to identify where to put an extra effort. Having the right segmentation tools allow you to follow performances down to the smallest detail and detect when it is time to refresh lead pools or react to abnormalities. Through lead segmentation it is also possible to build more efficient workflows, based on facts instead of gut feeling.




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