August 10th, 2020

Time Management Tips for Busy Sales Reps

One of the biggest issues that many salespeople are confronting during their working day is TIME. However, your time is real money as a salesman.
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We all know the term - '''Time is money''. However, your time is real money as a salesman. You don't get paid for the hours you are working, but for your results. More you sell, the more money you make. You are paid for you performance. 

You are continually pulled in various directions, with multifaceted demands for your time. The intelligent use of your time will help you focus and ultimately improve your productivity.

It is one of the most important qualities a salesman can process. On the other hand, the biggest advantage is that you may have more control over your work and earnings than people that are working in other industries.


1. Track Your Time


The first thing that you should do is to track your time.  Many people do not know how to use their productivity skills.The only way to keep things under control is to identify and consider your patterns if you suffer from too much and no time to do so. 

Why it's so important to track your time for your business, or for the company you are working for? AND How do can you set up a sales tracking process? Let me tell you a few of my tips.

Target Audience:

First of all, in most sales and marketing processes, you should find who is your customer. This step will help you plan in the best way the rest of your selling process. 

Find your sources:

I would suggest you start with all the online and offline platforms that your lead might use. Analyze their website, social media, articles, etc. Try to figure out what they are looking for, and what are their needs. I guarantee that you will find useful information that you can use in your further sales process. 

Set stages:

Then describe the various lead strategy (your lead may collapse). Cold lead, prospect, warm lead, hot lead, and the customer might be this kind of.

Define how you can deal with your lead: 

You will find ways to cultivate the guidelines. Email marketing, drip marketing, webinars, e-books, or more. List all the contact points for your company that your leads have. It can take place via social media, talk, web page, e-mail, and telephone. Each move ensures you keep track of what dietary behaviors help to convert.

Establish metrics to be regularly evaluated:

The last move will be to learn what you can calculate with the sales monitoring system, now you have the system in place. Has your website received the amount of traffic? Or the number of people from a specific source? 

track your time


Call tracking software solutions are no longer in the realm of the call center industry. Even small and medium-sized businesses should consider investing in a SaaS tool to remain fully competitive and growing. You can read more about why your business should use call tracking in one of our blog posts.

2. Start With The End In Mind

People with targets and progress tracking perform 30% percent better than people without them. Objectives increase motivation and performance. However, a target can only be reached.

The more precise the goal is, the greater the probability of success. A numberless target and a timeline is a wish.

Objectives are just half the equation. Feedback is also required. Keeping up your improvement, you will see how well you've done and what corrections are needed. 

3. Batch Appointments 

Think of who else will meet you in the area when you meet outside the workplace. It seems obvious, but how much do you feel like you have wasted time because your schedule was ineffective?

Grid your region and meet prospects and meet current customers in the same sector. You will reach more prospective customers if you manage your journey efficiently across appointments and increasing your selling potential.

4. Stop Multitasking

You may feel like you're more successful, but multitasking has actually shown that you're slowing down. If you think you are working together, the brain is simply going rapidly from one job to the next.

It leads to a 40% loss of productivity as the brain changes direction and attempts to concentrate continuously. Multitasking is not a useful m''tool'' for your brain. I would recommend you to focus on one thing at a time to optimize the success of sales activities. 

multitasking_v2-01 FINAL

5. Batch Tasks

Similar tasks combined lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Block out cold calls every day for a certain amount of time. Return calls at the same time each day instead of checking the voicemail continuously for the whole day. Identify the following day for one or two hours to prospect.

Once the time is over, move on to a different task. By scheduling your activities you will improve your workflow because you get faster, and better, when your brain is concentrated on one activity at the same time.

6. Sales cycle

Controlling the wrong opportunities will cost you a pretty long time, and money to cultivate a viable lead. You already have a mechanism to disqualify leads, but a deal that seams to have no chance is hard to let go. This is a mistake. Disqualifying leads allow you to move forward with leads that are likely to become clients as quickly as possible.

7. Play your day around your customers

put customer first Finally

Put the customer first! Your day as a sales reps is not gonna be considered successful if you don't adapt it to your customers, or maybe potential customers. Your calendar should go in the same way with the customer's wish.

In business, people prefer more to focus on their main tasks for the first part of the day, and sometimes you can get some calls during your lunch break, or at the end of your working day, but this is the life of a sales rep. You should be aware of that. 

It's also part of a closing selling strategy!


Additional bonus: 
  • Find out how many chances you can fairly call in 2 hours if you have actually dialed your number and left voicemail messages.
    Look for multiple viewpoints before the planned and scheduled time. 

  • If it is time for your two hours of prospection, draw up the list of prospects you would like to call. 

  • Call every prospect and leave custom voicemails on your pre-call investigations.

  • Log in the CRM and push quickly through the next prospect on the list. Do it over and over again.

  • Please check the number of perspectives you called for later in the day, during the scheduled administrative period, to send the follow-up emails and set the times in the CRM you want. 

The simple switch to group activities would give you a much greater volume that increases the likelihood of talking about what you are selling with others on the line. And it's all about that.

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The obvious value of.

We all know the term - '''Time is money''. However, your time is real money as a salesman. You don't get paid for the hours you.

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