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Adversus is an all-in-one call center software that streamlines your outreach. Oh, and it's cloud-based.
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Put all outbound calls on auto pilot

With Adversus, you have all the necessary tools in your tool belt for improving and streamlining your outbound workflow.

Focus on
valuable activities

Make sure you only get in touch with top-notch leads, and stop wasting time on busy lines.

Manage your leads effortlessly

Assign leads to the right campaigns and agents. Automate the entire lead journey.

Make data-driven decisions with impact

Customize your reports by creating KPIs that fits your specific activities and needs.

Automate repetitive tasks & actions

Create your very own automated workflows. Never again waste time on repetitive, manual tasks.

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smooth workflow

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streamline every aspect of your daily work.
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Experience calls and messages without hassle, and spend your time on the things that matter.

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Follow all growth metrics in a breeze while keeping agents educated and motivated.

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Build advanced flows to refine and automate the customer journey with custom logic and integrations.

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Spend as little time as possible on administrative tasks with smart management tools.

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with your favorite systems

How we help your business grow

Having developed smart solutions for numerous types of organizations, we know what matters most.

High availability all around the world

Our services experience uptime more than 99.99% of the time.

Excellent support free of charge - 24/7

We're ready to help you right away on phone, chat and email.

Customer-driven innovation

Our customers highly influence our feature development.

Compliant every step
of the way

Our platform is built to support all of your compliance needs.

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Our customers

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying!

"Our department has developed significantly since switching to Adversus. Our customers also feel that we have a streamlined workflow, and that's because we use Adversus."

"To be honest, we didn't expect it to be such a comprehensive tool, where all of our needs were met. We actually ended up canceling some of out old software because they became redundant."

"I have tried Herobase, Leaddesk, IvoCall and other systems, and so I thought there had to be something new. Adversus is very uncomplicated and user-friendly with a modern look."

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