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Call transfer

Manage whom your agents have the possibility to transfer ongoing calls to. Let them transfer to specific users, campaigns, or external numbers.

Lead management

Keep control of your leads throughout the process. Easy lead processing with numerous abilities to customize how you handle them.


Let agents register sales while speaking to the lead. Easy management of your products and a swift overview of all sales in currency and quantity.

Phone numbers

Utilize phone numbers in your leads' local destination. Set up number pools and switch between numbers based on time, location, or leads.

Marketing campaigns

Connect with hundreds of leads or customers at the same time. Take action based on their behavior and call them at the exact right time.

Email & SMS

Communicate with leads directly from Adversus. Create templates that suit your needs and use triggers to get in touch at the right time.


Invite and host your meetings with Rooms and keep every part of your appointment scheduling activities gathered in one place: Adversus.


Experience how small features can help in your daily work. The in-app widgets are designed to help you and your agents work smarter every day.


Define important KPIs with ease. Set up automatic emails and receive reports when you want to. Be sure to stay on top of everything and take action right away.


Follow all activities live. Listen and whisper directly to your agents when they're on the phone, and take action when things happen, not afterward.

Call recordings

Decide when and how you want to record conversations. Use call recordings for educational purposes, quality checks, and documentation.


Call several campaigns simultaneously. Prioritize your campaigns and make sure that your agents always dial the most important leads.


Follow your agents' activity with ease. See what they're doing right now and what they have been doing during the day, week, or month.


Split your employees into dream teams. Assign teams to specific campaigns, and administrate which data they're exposed to in Adversus.

Permission groups

Customize your user's permissions with ease. Create permission groups and grant access to features based on their requirements.

Lead administration

Let agents call leads that are a-okay. Do an easy double-check of your leads to see if they're duplicates or are invalid before you add them to campaigns.

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