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Call transfer

Streamline call transfers for your agents. Control and customize transfer options to specific users, campaigns, or external phone numbers for smooth call management.

Lead management

Maintain lead control with ease throughout the process. Utilize multiple customization options to control every aspect of the lead journey; from start to finish.


Empower agents to register sales during lead conversations. Effortlessly manage products and gain a swift overview of sales in currency and quantity.

Phone numbers

Optimize lead engagement with local destination phone numbers. Create number pools and easily switch between them based on time, location, or specific leads.

Marketing campaigns

Efficiently connect with hundreds of leads or customers simultaneously. Take data-driven actions based on their behavior and call them at precisely the right moment.

Email & SMS

Engage with leads via emails and SMS' from Adversus. Get creative and craft customizable templates and utilize triggers for timely and effective communication.


Effortlessly organize and host meetings with Rooms, and centralize all your appointment scheduling activities in one convenient place: Adversus.


Discover the power of small yet impactful features to enhance your daily work. In-app widgets designed for smarter, more efficient work for you and your agents.


Effortlessly define vital KPIs. Schedule automated emails and receive reports at your convenience. Stay informed and take prompt action to stay ahead.


Stay up-to-date with live activity tracking. Communicate with agents through listening and whispering features during calls, enabling immediate actions in real-time.

Call recordings

Customize when and how you want to record conversations. Leverage call recordings for education, quality checks, and documentation purposes.


Blend leads by letting agents call multiple campaigns simultaneously. Prioritize your campaigns to ensure agents always dial the most crucial leads.


Effortlessly track your agents' activity. Gain real-time insights into their current actions and review their daily, weekly, or monthly performance.


Form dream teams among your employees. Allocate teams to specific campaigns and manage their data access smoothly within Adversus.

Permission groups

Customize user permissions in a breeze. Establish permission groups and provide access to the exact features they need - no more, no less.

Lead administration

Enable agents to only call leads that are a-okay. Perform a quick double-check on your leads for duplicates or validity before adding them to campaigns.

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