Hundreds of organizations and thousands of users worldwide are using Adversus in their daily prospecting and lead qualification tasks. Meet a couple!


Scandinavia's largest B2B media agency delivers news to industries in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Read about dialer switch, optimal campaign management, and start-up in Sweden.

The Swedish company, Impressive Relations, helps companies increase sales through new strategic setups. Read about switching dialer solution, calendar integration, and Journeys.

Det Faglige Hus strives to be the most affordable union and unemployment insurance fund in Denmark. Read about the implementation of SaaS, inbound, and maintaining a high service level.

The French company, France Solar, specializes in solar panels. They purchase, design, and assemble the systems. Read about the live module, optimization of KPIs, and customer support.

Leedia, the Italian marketing agency, makes more than 60.000 conversions every month. They use Adversus for their outreach. Read about Journeys, integrations, and remote work.

Likvido specializes in effective debtor management for small and medium-sized businesses. Read about optimization of a two-step sales process and visualization of performance.

In 2020, the German company Medifox replaced Manual dialing with Predictive dialing to work more efficiently. Read about implementation, onboarding, and improved results.

With its 190.000 members, Krifa is the fourth largest union in Denmark. Read about their outbound and inbound workflows, automation, and personalized support.

The Danish Sclerosis Society helps combat sclerosis in Denmark through fundraising. Read about quality assurance, automation, and implementation of new strategies.

Lederne is Denmark's largest interest organization and unemployment insurance fund for managers. Read about automating workflows, motivation and coaching employees, and remote work.

The Danish company All Ears primarily has visually impaired or blind employees. Therefore, they need a different dialer. Read about availability, user-friendliness, and tailored initiatives.

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