January 13th, 2021

Adversus named as Best Predictive Dialer by Digital.com

Digital.com is a leading independent review website for small businesses, SaaS companies, and startups.

We’re honored to announce that Adversus Dialer has been selected as “Best predictive dialer” by Digital.com. 

The company, formerly known as Review Squirrel, announced the top picks after 40 hours of thorough research. More than 45 Predictive dialers have been considered, and the winners have been selected based on calling features, compliance measures, reporting tools, etc.
A predictive dialer is a proven way to increase sales and productivity. We provide this free guide to our users to do their own research, discover and compare different tools, and read valuable feedback from real customers. Then they can make a more informed decision before buying a new software solution,” Josephine Miller, PR Manager at Digital.com, explains.
The complete list of the winners is available right here.

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We are thrilled to announce that three new interns, Jacob Groth, Annemie Schulz, and Anton Grauballe, have joined the Adversus.

We are blown away with our customers - now more than ever. They have helped us reach a new Adversus record by calling more than 1.

We are proud to share that we have won the award for Great User Experience at SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2021.


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