May 5th, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Call Tracking

Call tracking software solutions are no longer in the realm of the call center industry. Even small and medium-sized businesses should consider investing in a SaaS tool to remain fully competitive and growing.
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Call tracking software solutions are no longer in the realm of the call center industry. Even small and medium-sized businesses should consider investing in a SaaS tool to remain fully competitive and growing.

In fact, phone calls to businesses in the United States was projected to balloon from 76 billion in 2014 to 162 billion by the end of 2019, according to BIA/Kelsey’s call monetization forecast back in 2014. That’s more than a 100% jump in just five years.

The importance of call tracking has become more evident in the past few years. Recently, Google Adwords added new capabilities that enable businesses to track and attribute business calls based on specific call tracking metrics, such as call extensions, call-only ads, and offline call conversions.

If you find yourself on the fence about investing in a call tracking software, the following benefits should help you make a decision.

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Increase Conversions

Among the many benefits of call tracking is increased conversions. In the general buying process, phone calls tend to occur near the end of the customer’s journey. They may have a few inquiries that need addressing, such as questions on warranty, customer support, and about the product itself. People intent on purchasing the product are those who raise such questions.

A call tracking software allows sales agents to enhance their performance and dig deep into the customer’s information, browsing history, previously purchased products, and other interactions. Integrations with CRMs and data analytics systems provide sales agents a clear view of the potential buyer. All these enhance the agent’s marketing and sales effectiveness, thus helping them convert callers into buyers and drive their conversion rates upward.

Improve Lead Generation

You can greatly improve your workflow for lead generation whether you are using a free call tracker online or a robust tracking platform with a vast range of capabilities. Call tracking enables you to further optimize your landing pages, enhance marketing strategies, and increase the quality of your leads. How so?

Landing page optimization rarely requires or even includes call tracking. And that is a big mistake. In a detailed white paper on the advantages of call tracking in increasing conversions, LogMyCalls advised marketers and businesses to include the number of calls that come from their landing pages. Otherwise, too many opportunities and potential leads will slip through your grasp.

The best call tracking app for you also helps you measure marketing effectiveness and discover channels that generate calls and close sales. The results will then help you configure your marketing strategies to attract more calls and generate high-quality leads. On top of that, you are able to optimize your marketing spend as well.

Localize Your Business

If you’re operating a business that serves multiple geographical locations, call tracking will do wonders for you. When you use a call tracking system and integrate it with your business website, your website will display a local phone number for them to reach you. Having a local phone number creates an identity your local customers can quickly relate with.

Multiple studies have shown that consumers tend to trust businesses with a local phone number instead of the generic 1-800 toll digits. A survey by SinglePlatform revealed that 86% of consumers are likely to choose local businesses over national and global brands.

When existing customers and potential buyers regularly call your numbers, more call data flows in at a consistent rate. This helps you paint a comprehensive picture of your consumers’ demographics, statistics, and other metrics that you can use to drive business growth. Not to mention the potential revenue that comes when you’re addressing more phone queries.

Discover Keywords That Generate Calls

Call tracking systems helps businesses gain granular insights into keywords that fuel business calls via session-based call tracking. The software stores and captures data from all web sessions and associate clicks to the call via advanced heuristic logic.

Once the keywords that drive calls are revealed, you can then use the insights to improve optimization strategies. Hence, since these tools have different capabilities to match different business requirements, call tracking pricing can vary as well.

Gather Customer Feedback

Your customers will always have an opinion about your brand, products, and services.

Their feedback is critical in revealing and understanding the prevailing sentiment about your products and services. 

With a call tracking system, your customer support department can keep a record of conversations with your customers, which generally contains insights that you can use to make important and strategic business decisions from optimizing your marketing strategies to improving your customer service and withdrawing questionable products from the shelves.

Bear in mind that the more feedback you collect, the more data you have about your customers. Customer feedback, both positive and negative, equates to actionable insights. And insights determine the direction your business is going to and the actions you need to take to realize your goals.

Business Phone Calls Remain Significant

In an age where almost every business interaction is digital, phone calls stubbornly remain as an essential component in measuring business performance, optimizing marketing strategies and assessing customer satisfaction.

Sure, most consumers these days spend most of their journey online, from browsing through catalogs to reading customer reviews. That said, people still want to talk to actual people whenever they are nearing a purchase decision or looking for answers that articles and reviews can’t provide.

Business phone calls are never going away. Not now. Not in the near and foreseeable future. And if you want to capitalize on that, then getting a call tracking software should be of paramount importance.

To check out other options, this list of help desk software shows you the many features to look out for, benefits to gain, and options to explore. With the right research, you can determine which solution is the best match for you to improve your customer service.

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