May 29th, 2020

40+ Tools for Remote Sales Team

Managing the Remote Sales team can be a challenge for any CEO. Choosing the right tools can make this task easier and increase remote sales teams' productivity and motivation. Explore our selection of 40 Best Tools for remote sales teams.
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Having your work remote is rapidly becoming the new normal, and more and more companies are adapting their approach forward working outside of traditional office spaces. Running a remote sales team can challenging, but it can save costs and bring even more significant results if done right. It is essential to equip your remote sales team with the right tools.

Is your sales team working or considering to work remotely? We have found and listed best tools to keep your team fully equipped no matter where they are.

Navigate thought the list and select tools that will increase productivity and sales for your remote team!

Phone call management tools

Sales calls are amongst the most critical tasks any sales team has daily. Keeping up with calls and prospects can be challenging, having the right software can improve any teams sales call performance!

1. Adversus adversus-favicon

Adversus is browser-based automatic dialer and CRM system in one. This tool will be convenient for any sales team that is dealing with appointment booking, telemarketing or a large amount of sales calls.

Having a CRM and phone provider in one tool will streamline workflow and allow managers to have an excellent overview of outbound calls.

Easy setup and intuitive design is just another plus why any sales team should use Adversus dialer. Use your sales teams time effectively and save time on manual calling with Adversus.


Pricing: 100USD per user per month, try platform with 7 day free trial.

Lead generators

Any sales teams success is determined by the amount and quality of the leads they have. With digital software tools, any sales team can streamline lead generation process and focus on actual sales.

2. LeadFuze  LeadFuzelogo

LeadFuze is a great tool every sales team would love to have. With the help of tool sales, people can now generate top-funnel leads and have more conversations. Combine it with reliable marketing data as look-a-like audiences, retargeting, and paid ads; every sales team has more control of lead qualification. LeaFuze integrates with all leading CRM and email automation tools.


Pricing: 297 USD per month per user, first 25 leads are free of charge.

3. Lead Forensics Lead Forensics logo

Every remote sales team can benefit from powerful lead generation software. Lead Forensics is an easy use tool that creates lead profiles from website visitors. The tool captures data like email addresses and phone numbers. The best part is that your remote sales team can use a tool to capture new prospects as well as enrich data for already existing ones.

Lead forensics

Pricing: Lead Forensics offers custom pricing plans. 7 day free trial is available.

Time Tracking

Hardest task when managing a remote team is to track productivity and time spent on work. With smart time tracking software managers can gain back control and overview work progress without continuously chasing employees.

4. Time doctor  Time doctor logo

If you want to track your remote sales team productivity, then Time Doctor is a fantastic solution. The tool allows you to track your remote sales teams working hours and measure productivity. Multiple integration options make this tool one of the favourite time and productivity trackers amongst larger teams.

time doctor

Pricing: 12 USD per month per user. Available 14 day free trial.

5. Rescue Time  rescu logo

Effective work can be a tough task for any remote sales team. Rescue Time is a time optimisation tool, which allows you to understand where your time has been spent throughout the day. Analyse your time spent and increase efficiency by avoiding bad habits and time waste.

rescue time

Pricing: 6 USD per month. Available 14 day free trial.

6. Toggl  toggl logo

Toggl offers a simple solution for sales managers. With the tool, you don't need to wonder how much time was spent on tasks and how productive was your sales team - Toggl does it for you. Get comprehensive data and make improvements to your sales team's performance.

toggl time tracker

Pricing: 9 USD per month per user. Available 30 day free trial.

Communication tools

Communication is in the cornerstone of any successful organisation. When having a remote sales team, it can be challenging to manage communication through phone and email only. A software communication tool is mandatory for remote teams!

7. Slack  slack logo

Slack is a popular tool for team communication. Managers prefer Slack as it gives options to oversee multiple team communications under one app. Having all your remote sales teams in one communication channel will speed up information exchange and progress tracking.

slack image

Pricing: 7 USD per month for professional teams or Slack is available in Free version.

8. Fleep  fleep logo

Challenges, like sending files and exchanging information, should not be an obstacle for remote sales teams. With Fleep, all team files and conversations can be kept in one place. The tool is available as per desktop version as well as on mobile devices.


Pricing: 6 USD per month, tool is available in Free version as well.

9. Chanty  chanty logo

Any team can achieve more when working together; this applies to remote sales teams as well. Chanty is a simple team chat that is powered by AI. The tool allows communicate with your team not only with text but send voice and video recordings as well as share documents.


Pricing: 3 USD per month per user. Free version is available.

Document sharing

Having all your files and documents organised is a priority for any firm and team. Remote teams have to use remote and cloud-based solutions to store and share files amongst all the teammates.

10. Dropbox  drp box logo

We all have been in a situation where we cant find documents. Dropbox enables your team to share and store all the essential files in one place. Any approved members from your remote sales can access documents from any location or timezone they are in.


Pricing: 9.99 USD per month for 2TB storage space. Free version is available.

11. Google drive  google drive logo

Google drive is amongst the most popular file storage solutions available. Store, share, and with your team and partners. The tool has multiple handy features to organise files: set permissions, colour tag, or comment on each file you have granted access.

google drive for sales team

Pricing: 1.99 USD per month for 100GB storage space. Free version is available.

12. We transfer  we transfer log

We Transfer lets every sales team can quickly share large documents online. File sharing becomes handy if you don't want to create a mess in your own storage spaces. Stop sending slow emails with large files, upload them on a cloud, and share URL instead.

we transfer

Pricing: $12.00 per month, per user, Transfer up to 20 GB of files. Free version is available.

Video Conferencing tools

Seeing your team or prospects in person is always nice. But it is not always possible when working remotely. Video conferencing tools provide a great opportunity for everyone as they are together in real-time.

13. PukkaTeam  PukkaTeam logo

Having a remote team and a sense of realtime presence is possible with the video chat tool Pukka Team. The tool integrates with popular video calling software as Skype and google-hangouts. With the tool, you can have personal calls as well.

pukka team

Pricing: 7 USD per month per user, and 60 day free trial is available.

14. Google Hangouts  ggogle hangout

Google hangouts allow sales teams to organise video calls and invite parties with unique URLs. If you are already using Google services like calendar and Gmail, it just makes sense to use google hangouts for your sales teams and video conferencing needs. With multiple automatic features, it will boost any team's efficiency.

google hangouts

Pricing: Google Hangouts is Free of charge

15. GoToMeeting  go to meeting

GotoMeeting is an industry-leading web conferencing tool. Every remote sales team will benefit from as they can have HD video calls and host training sessions for sales staff. Additionally platform allows storing all meeting files on the cloud while the meeting is still in progress.


Pricing: 17.33 USD per month, 14 day free trial is available.

Meeting booking

Having organised and streamlined meeting booking process is crucial for any sales team. Digital meeting tools come in any company that wish to optimise their sales teams efforts.

16. Calendly  calendly logo

Speed up appointment booking with Calendly. This tool allows salespeople to simplify communication and reserve time for the next meeting without unnecessary email exchange. Calendly integrates with popular CRM tools, email automation software, and calendars.

calendly booking

Pricing: 8 USD per user per month. Free version is available.

17. Google calendar Google_Calendar_Logo

Organise your day with google calendar. The tool allows you to share one or multiple calendars with your teammates and prospects. Google calendars become very practical as it integrates with numerous tools commonly used by remote sales teams. Set notifications, reminders, and even view the calendar from a smartphone.

google calendar for sales team

Pricing : Google calendar is free of charge.

18. World Time Buddy  World Time Buddy logo

When your sales team operates remotely, it is essential to know what is current time in their location. World time buddy tool allows you to select multiple location and see the current time in each in compared to your local time. Organise better sales calls when you know your prospects are available.

world time buddy for remote sales team

Pricing : World Time Buddy is free of charge.

Password management

Having multiple platforms and login information to manage has become a reality for everyone. Missing this valuable information can be very annoying for any team. Password management solutions come in handy to keep the sensitive data organised

19. 1Password  1Password logo

Once your organisation is operating with a remote sales team, it can be time-consuming and annoying to share passwords continuously. Using 1Password there will be no need to ask for forgotten passwords again and again. This is a simple tool but can save loads of time for anyone, working remotely or from the home office.

manage your sales teams passwords

Pricing: 3.99USD per user per month. Start with 1 password for free.

20. LastPass  LastPass logo

Having multiple accounts and platforms to log in can be a waste of time, whether you are remotely managing the team or having a team in your office, LastPass will be a great solution to optimise log in entries for any company.

all passwords in one place

Pricing: 3 USD per user. Free version is available.

Project management apps

Having a project management tool can dramatically increase the efficiency of your teams work. Having your tool online allows everyone to keep up with projects and stay informed no matter where they are located.

21. Jell  jell-logo-swarm

Having a remote sales team can be a challenge, but it should not. With Jell, you can keep track of everyone's projects and progress on a daily basis. Allow your sales team to update the tasks and progress they have been up to lately.

jell for teams

Pricing: 4 USD per user per month, 14 day free trial is available.

22. Trello  trello logo

Trello has been one of the all-time favourite tools when it comes to managing teams. Trello is a perfectly suited project management tool for remote sales teams. Create boards, assign tasks, and keep up with progress under on platform.

remote sales team management

Pricing: 9.99USD per user per month, free version is available.

23. Basecamp  basecamp_2019_icon

Basecamp has been one of the most popular tools for remote team management. The software offers all in one toolkit for transforming your teams into remote teams. Basecamp has multiple integrations with other tools widely used by sales teams.

basecamp for teams

Pricing: 99 USD per month, 30 day free trial is available.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Having customers and prospects under one platform will help firms to have an overview of progress. Manage all your customer relationships in one place and stay connected with customers.

24. Salesforce  salesforce-survey-logo

Have a complete overview of your sales process with Salesforce. The tool gives a comprehensive overview of your sales team as well as for upper management. With multiple functions offered by Salesforce, every remote salesperson will be able to work effectively and close more deals with ease.

sales force tool for remote teams

Pricing: 25 USD per month per user or start with 14 days free trial.

25. Pipedrive  pipedrive logo

Help out your remote sales team with Pipedrive. Pipedrive is a CRM tool that helps small teams to organise their sales funnel visually. Make sure your sales team won't lose or forget essential conversations. Sales teams love it because it is easy to use.

pipedrive for remote teams

Pricing: 15 USD per month per user or start with14 days free trial.

26. Salesflare  salesflare logo

Sell more with less work. Salesflare is a tool remote sales team absolutely loves. The digital tool automatically keeps track of all contacts and automatically fills in address logs. Salesforce gathers data from all relevant channels leaving more time for the salesperson to do actual calling and closing.

sales flare

Pricing: 30USD per month per user, or start with 14 days free trial.

Sales process trackers

One of the challenges that come with a remote sales team is to track their work and selling process. With digital tools, this task has become easier. Use software to analyse and optimise sales representatives performance.

27. Chorus  chorus logo

Knowing how your remote sales team is approaching leads and closing deals has always been a mystery. Chorus provides a smart tool for salespeople to record and analyse their sales calls. Improve and replicate the best remote closers on your team with one simple tool.

chorus tool for teams

Pricing: Tool provides custom pricing solution. start with Demo and find how platform works for you.

28. Avoma  avoma logo

Sales representatives should be focusing on customer and closing, but in reality, they have to do more. Avoma is excellent Ai tool that helps sales teams to streamline sales calls by automatically transcribing, analysing, and summarising calls. Additionally, the platform allows tom to prepare for sales calls with pre-made templates and calendar integrations.

avoma remote sales team tool

Pricing: 40 USD per month per user, or start with 14 days free trial.

Progress trackers

Keeping up with remote teams is a challenge. By having digital progress tracking tool managers can have an overview of tasks and flows without annoyingly checking employees.

29. iDoneThis  idone this logo

Keeping up with your remote sales team's progress can be time consuming and annoying. iDoneThis is a simple tool that allows each everyone to log in their personal tasks and achievements without need to be reminded. Additionally, the tool automatically created visual progress reports.

iDone this satisfaction tool

Pricing: 9 USD per month per user, or start with 3 day free trial.

30. Harvest  harvest logo

A Harvest is an excellent tool for remote or freelance sales teams. Employees can create projects and track the time they are spending on each one of them. With keeping track of progress, managers will be able to optimise work and spot best closers with ease.

harvest tool app

Pricing: 30 USD per month per user, 30 day free trial is available.

Email Automation 

Sending and following up with emails is a time-consuming task, no team wish to do. Everyone will agree that the sales team can save time by implementing tools that automate email outreach.

31. Interseller   interseller

Interseller is an excellent tool to find and reach out to new prospects. With the tool, your sales team will be able to navigate through the existing lead list or create new ones quickly. The real power of this tool comes when using in a combination of LinkedIn. Interseller finds and lets you verify emails from your LinkedIn prospects.

interseller tool

Pricing: Tool costs 100 USD per month.

32. Autoklose

Automating lead finding has been a great challenge for many sales teams. With Autoklose, sales teams can streamline their campaign creation and reach out to potential leads.

autoklose sales


Pricing: 49.99 USD per user per month and tool offers 14 days free trial.


Improve your outbound productivity with Prospect IO. Allow your remote sales team to access and create lead email lists, set up, and measure outbound campaigns. Prospect IO integrates with all major CRM systems allowing your sales team to keep up with progress easily.

email tool for sales teams

Pricing: 79 USD per month or start with 30 day free trial.


Relying on past success can be comforting, but powerful sales teams keep on learning and improving. Give your remote sales team chance to participate in online classes and see how progress comes together.

34. Linked-In learning linked in learning

Keeping your remote sales team sharp is crucial! With Linked-In learning, you can be sure that the sales team is going to get advanced coaching and the necessary information to become even better closers. Navigate trough course selection and find what matches best for your sales team.

sales team learning tool

Pricing: 199USD a month.

35. Sales academy   

With the Sales academy, you can improve competitive advantage to your sales team. The platform offers a wide range of courses and programs designed with salespeople in mind. Invite your remote sales team on regular training and experience improvements over time.

sales academy for remote teams

Pricing: Contact sales representative for price estimation.

Other useful remote sales team tools

There is a couple of other tools that do not have their own category but come in very handy for each salesperson during the day. Every detail matters, and each of these tools can help your sales team to work more efficiently or more professional.

36. Convert my money 

Are your remote sales team reaching out to global clientele? Convert my money is a simple solution with great benefits. By knowing how much your product costs in local currency will increase the chances of closing and customer empathy.

convert my money

Pricing: Tool is free of charge.

37. MindMeister 

Sales funnels tend to get quite complicated; MindMeister is a great tool to represent it visually. The tool enables us to outline the sales process to fines detail and share it across the sales team.

mindmeister outline

Pricing: 4.99 USD per month, or try out their Free version.

38. HelloSign  

Making document signing will help any sales team to streamline the processes. HelloSign has been an excellent help for any organisation to make document exchange effortless.

hello sign

Pricing: 13 USD per month per user and possible to start with 30 day free trial.

39. Ambition 

What can drive productivity among salespeople better than the competition? Ambition is a great tool to keep your remote sales team edgy and provide great results while competing with each other in a friendly manner.

ambition team tool

Pricing: With custom pricing your company will get the best deal, book demo and try tool.

40. Chimp or champ 

Appreciating remote sales teams efforts is not always an easy task. Chimp or champ has made a great tool to empower your sales teams efforts and recognise successes. Additionally, it also allows your sales team to report back and share their experience.

happy sales team with chimp or champ

Pricing: Custom solutions available, start using tool with 14 days free trial.

41. Gramarly 

Nothing can be worse than sending out messages with bad grammar. Grammarly is a well-known tool spelling and wording checker tool, used in many industries. Give your sales team tool to help get their messaging perfected.

grammarly for remote teams

Pricing: 11.66 USD per month, or work you way with limited but free version of tool.

42. Capturi  Capturi symbol _- black (1)

Capturi provides you with valuable insights from sales meetings and enables you to learn from your most successful calls. With this knowledge you’ll be able to provide better coaching, faster onboarding and optimize the entire sales process. In addition, the platform makes remote coaching and training smooth by allowing the team to share sales calls, mention each other in comments and submit feedback.The platform is available for sales meetings held in Danish, but the list of European languages will expand during 2020.


Pricing: Capturi provides a custom pricing solution. Start with a demo and see how platform works for you.

Gear up your Remote Sales Team

Having remote sales teams is a reality of many companies worldwide. By adapting and adjusting, not only you can save money on office space, but you can also increase your firms' revenue by the more productive sales team.

With our selection of tools, you should be able to manage and get results from your remote sales team with no hustle. Choose wisely and combine tools that are the best fit for your organisational goals. Let us know what your favourite tool is. Which tools do you use for your remote sales team and did we miss any?



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