November 18th, 2019

Contact Center Workflow: Valuable Tips for Enhanced Performance

Organizing your team doesn't have to be a never-ending nightmare. Discover the right tools and steer clear of common pitfalls. Learn the art of working smart, not hard, to achieve better results in your contact center.
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Organizing your teams and efficiently structuring your work can sometimes be a hard nut to crack. So how do you can organize and keep track of your business without wasting everybody’s time?

Let’s face it.

Let's be honest; establishing efficient workflows can be a daunting task for many companies, especially in contact centers. The constant struggle to organize your team might feel like an unending nightmare, leaving you searching for a solution to streamline your operations.

Furthermore, monitoring your employees' performance can be draining and time-consuming. But fear not, there is hope! There are ways to escape these challenges and find a better approach to organize and track your business. 

The quest for optimal work organization leads us down different paths, ranging from tightly managed workplaces, where employees have limited control over their day, to more self-organizing teams that operate without the need for a manager to assign tasks or set deadlines.

Let's explore solutions that can revolutionize your contact center's performance.


Why Is It Important To Organize Your Contact Center Workflow?


In call centers, organization often follows a top-down approach, prioritizing efficiency and minimizing time wastage to achieve daily sales goals.

Tasks in call centers are typically closely related to the nature of the job, leaving agents with limited autonomy to define their own tasks. This lack of influence can impact their motivation and job satisfaction, as the work can become monotonous and predictable, diminishing the excitement in their role.

To run a successful call center, a well-organized workflow is crucial at all levels. This not only involves organizing individual work tasks for employees but also extends to managing all tasks that lie ahead.

An efficient and well-organized system creates much-needed variation for employees, leading to higher motivation. Moreover, it allows for continuous campaign adjustments and a better understanding of leads.

This can result in higher conversion rates, increased sales, and improved employee satisfaction. The key to achieving this lies in choosing the right tools for organizing your workflows, putting you on the path to success. 

 call agent

Different Calling Strategies 

In contact centers, every detail counts and can significantly impact performance. Even seemingly minor adjustments can become crucial when dealing with a high volume of calls each day. For instance, if you handle hundreds of calls daily and make a small improvement in each call, the cumulative effect can lead to a substantial overall enhancement in performance.

Whether it's inbound or outbound calling, the approach can vary based on whether you're using progressive, predictive, or manual dialing methods.

Additionally, the types of campaigns and leads you're dealing with require careful consideration when organizing your employees effectively.

To achieve better organization, the first crucial step is to identify and segment the types of calls you'll be making. This foundational step sets the stage for an optimized and efficient workflow.

  1. Get a handle on the leads that come in
  2. Keep track of the leads already in your sales funnel
  3. Segment your leads on campaigns
  4. Be aware of how you assign campaigns to your agents
  5. Build calling strategies
  6. Use tools that minimize the number of manual processes
  7. Choose the tools that fit the tasks

Assign Calls To The Right Agents

When assigning the different types of calls to your agents, be sure to do it the best possible way.

You can either make a variation in the types of tasks that your employees are handling, such as switching them between inbound and outbound or simply allocating a certain type of task to the agents who are most content to solve them.ipad-1

Some agents prefer the thrill of cold canvas and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, while others are better at taking care of the more in-depth conversations where a potential customer is already deep into the sales funnel.

Some are best at B2C calling, while others handle B2B with ease.

Some sellers are good at converting cold leads to hot leads, while others are best at closing a sale.

It requires a good overview and an eye for detail to allocate the tasks as efficiently as possible. But in the end, your efforts will bear fruit, and your agents will be rewarded by achieving higher success in their work lives.

You need to take a deep dive into your lead pools and campaigns to get a better understanding of the underlying differences between each call you make.

Be Strategic and Mix Different Campaigns

If you work with outbound sales, consider how you plan and distribute your campaigns hourly among your agents.

Strategically blending diverse campaigns, including both hard-sell and high-conversion campaigns, can yield substantial benefits. Additionally, alternating between hot and cold leads can help boost motivation among your agents. By recognizing when motivation drops, shifting to hot leads can revitalize their enthusiasm and lead to better performance.

This balance ensures your agents have varied tasks and keeps their motivation high. 

Organize Tasks and Teams in User Groups 

The most critical step is to ensure everyone is organized and well-informed about their tasks. Without proper organization, the workspace can become chaotic, and employees may not know what they are supposed to do. Clarity and communication are key to creating an efficient and productive environment.

Creating specific user groups while using software tools can greatly enhance organization and collaboration across teams and departments. By grouping individuals based on their roles within the company, you can facilitate better planning and coordination of actions tailored to current needs. This approach ensures everyone is on the same page and can contribute effectively to the organization's success.

User groups serve multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps to define who is responsible for different tasks. Secondly, user groups can be used in coaching contexts where employees with homonymous tasks can organize and learn from each other, among other things, through platforms that allow sharing and learning. 

Take it further by choosing flexible software solutions that allow you to customize each user’s interface, e.g., adding personal KPIs. That will provide you with the positive side effect that you can minimize the complexity of the tools used for each employee in your team.  

When working on more complex projects, it’s advisable to introduce project tracker software to your team. There are various tools available that can help you organize your tasks and make collaboration smoother. 

We have listed a selection of good collaboration tools in this article.


Multitasking is Your Worst Enemy 

The connection between multitasking and organizing might seem surprising, but it plays a significant role. Organizing involves creating an optimal space to tackle tasks in the right order, while multitasking tends to become a default approach in complex situations. However, as workload increases, solving tasks in the correct order becomes challenging.

Research shows that system overload leads to decreased effectiveness. Hence, incorporating some slack into the workflow is vital to prevent tasks from becoming clustered together and maintain overall efficiency.

In other words: You cannot put the same effort into executing multiple actions simultaneously, so multitasking is your worst enemy. Studies also find that multitasking actually can impair cognitive ability. 

To enhance productivity, prioritize tasks and execute them one by one while incorporating some flexibility in your workflow. Implementing intuitive tools that aid in organizing priorities simplifies the process more than you realize.

These tools should visually represent when specific tasks need to be addressed, reducing the chances of errors like duplicated work or agents forgetting essential information. Embracing user-friendly workflows ensures smoother operations and helps maintain accurate records for better overall efficiency

Diagram large-1

Make Sure Your Decisions Are Data-Driven 

When making an important decision in everyday life, you are most likely to rely on your previous experiences so why exactly would you rely on anything else in your professional life?

In both personal and professional life, our past experiences often shape our decisions. However. When it comes to professional endeavors, data and analytics become invaluable resources that should be utilized wisely. Leverage these to make informed choices aligned with your goals, but exercise caution in handling vast amounts of data to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure sound decision-making.

Keep Track of Your KPIs

If you want your business to become successful, you need to work with very well-defined KPIs and success parameters – and remember to keep track of them. 

Having well-defined KPIs and parameters is crucial for identifying areas that require attention and preventing imbalanced performance.

Monitoring plays a pivotal role in efficient work planning and resource distribution, enabling you to achieve your goals effectively. It empowers you to react swiftly and reallocate resources if needed. Custom reports further enhance this process by focusing on essential data and tasks.

Leveraging these insights can aid in coaching employees and achieving higher levels of personalization for enhanced employee and customer satisfaction. Embrace personalization trends to prioritize both internal and external satisfaction, staying relevant and impactful year after year.


Visualize Your Contact Center Performance 

It’s important to make achievements visual for your team. Using a visual dashboard, like Plecto, allows you to motivate your employees through instant employee and team recognition on customized dashboards.

Make sure to follow up on your KPIs. Adjust them if you realize they are unrealistic - it’s demotivating for everyone to work with unattainable goals.

By making your successes visible, it’s also easier to celebrate them. And never forget to celebrate.  

Wanna optimize your contact center workflow? Start your FREE trial to see how Adversus can help your business grow.

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