November 19th, 2019

How to Start with Telemarketing

This is an article for beginners in telemarketing.
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How do your business start using telemarketing

You probably have a long list of questions that need to be answered before you dive into telemarketing. How do you begin? 

How do you kill the butterflies in your stomach and give yourself a good start?

The short answer is preparation, a solid introduction, an appetizer, and a list of beneficial key points on how to deal with objections. After that, you should be ready.

You have been thinking about doing telemarketing for a while now, and believe it would be helpful to learn how to sell like a professional. Continue reading, and you will find out how to tackle telemarketing step by step.

Step 1: It all starts with a simple introduction

An introduction is more straightforward than you would expect. All you need to mention is your name and the company you work for:

"My name is X, and I am calling from Y."

The next piece of advice is not to say hello, good morning, etc. You want to stay inside the customer's comfort zone during the introduction, and you, therefore, need to let the customer say this first. F, if the customer says hello, then you also respond with a hello.

Also, your tone of voice is vital in your introduction, and it is solely your responsibility that the customer understands and hears you loud and clear.

It is advisable to have a relaxed approach until you get to know the customer. Some salespeople tend to try too hard and put their customers under pressure. Again, stay within the customer's comfort zone and take it from there.

Step 2: An appetizer sets the scene for dialogue

The second step is to approach your customer with a reliable and intriguing appetizer. This would be the perfect opportunity to grab your customer’s attention and get them interested in talking to you. Don't try to sell your product yet. No one can sell a product in 30 seconds. Instead, you need to meet them where they are. Once the customer is relaxed, you can start talking in accordance with their dynamic.

A good way to start an appetizer is:

"I am calling you because ..." or "I am calling regarding ..."

Step 3: Time for questions

The second step is to ask a question. You must engage them in a dialogue and open up for the opportunity to move the customer closer to a sale. 

Call to Action - insert link to article: Powerful questioning techniques in telemarketing

Step 4: Be prepared for objections

In telemarketing, you are met with objections and excuses all the time, and you, therefore, need to learn how to handle thousands of customers who say ”no”. One way to do this is to make a list of examples on how to handle objections. By doing this, you get yourself ready for potential objections.

For example, if customer x says “I don't have time to talk to you”, then you respond “it doesn't take long”, and then you keep talking.

Read more: Five useful steps on how to handle objections in sales efficiently

Step 5: Get ready to call

You are probably wondering how to do this. Well, you need to practice, and you can only do this by starting to make calls. Telemarketing is about being well prepared, and then you can move on to learning by doing.

Most callers are anxious when they start making calls, and don’t worry - it’s natural to feel that way. By accepting this, you will get a more relaxed start to telemarketing. Usually, it takes time before you start to sell, and when you succeed, remember that what you are doing still comes with a lot of rejections.”. Focus on your task - sales are key to your success.


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