Leedia is an Italian performance marketing agency specializing in lead generation in the online trading sector. Leedia has built a pre-sales call center that works solely to qualify leads by contacting them and ensuring they are interested in a product or service.


"I couldn't find a better solution for our business. Adversus is just a well-done tool!"

Andrea Mascheroni

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Leedia, based in Milan, Italy, was founded in 2018. The company engages in lead generation for customers in primarily Europe and Latin America. The company generates more than 60.000 conversions monthly through native advertising, email and SMS marketing, and online advertising. The pre-sales call center qualifies leads before handing them to their customers to only deliver leads interested in a particular product or service. We have spoken to Andrea Mascheroni, CEO at Leedia, to get an insight into how Leedia uses Adversus in their daily work.


Leedia has been using Adversus' dialer since 2018. Since the company doesn't have a physical call center but instead have employees work from home, it requires a tool that makes it possible to easily manage campaigns and control all leads from start to finish.

"We needed a dialer that had a well-functioning CRM system. The dialer solution we previously worked with couldn't deliver that. Additionally, our workflows require us to be able to choose which phone numbers we want to call from, and change phone numbers when needed - that is possible in Adversus," Andrea Mascheroni says.

Because all employees work remotely, the tool they use every day must be easy to navigate, even for the inexperienced.

"Overall, the user experience is excellent, and the system is manageable. This makes it easy to manage our activities, even for those who don't have as much experience with CRM and call center software in advance."

“The Journey Module automates everything we need, so we don't have to perform manual tasks.”

Andrea Mascheroni
CEO at Leedia

With a remote team and customers geographically spread worldwide, there's a lot to keep track of. Adversus helps automate Leedia's processes and make sure that all data is sent back and forth between the systems that Leedia and their customers work in.

"The Journey Module is the feature we are most excited about. We work a lot with integrations in Zapier, which makes Journeys indispensable. It automates everything we need so we don't have to perform manual tasks."

Plecto Dashboards is also an integration Leedia uses daily to keep up the motivation.

"We have created different dashboards to monitor our KPIs and motivate our agents. We can show our results easily and neatly. In general, we have seen an improvement in our KPIs, and we can see that we have increased our response rate. So more people pick up the phone when we call," Andrea Mascheroni says.

For Leedia's CEO, it is important to be heard when needs and wishes arise.

"We get a quick response when we mention challenges or wishes we might have. During the implementation of Adversus, we had a good dialogue about the Journey Module, which, back then, was in development. We had some specific requests for functions, and they were prioritized. It gave me a feeling that Adversus is really listening to our needs!" Andrea Mascheroni finishes.

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