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Email & SMS

Streamline your email and SMS outreach

Smart templates

Do you want to add a special touch, or do you simply want to get inspired? Use our pre-defined templates for reminders, order confirmations, follow-ups, etc., and make them your own branded version.


  • Choose between different templates
  • Add and edit content following your needs
  • Input your brand assets to any template

Dynamic communication

Create emails and SMS customized to recipients. Using merge tags, you can incorporate the available lead data and personalize each message even though you are using the same template for all recipients.


  • Add important and personalized information to templates
  • Choose between numerous merge tag options
  • Send order confirmations after sales with customized information


Reach out at
the right time

Decide if emails and SMS should be dispatched manually or automatically. Let agents add or edit content directly from the dialer before sending, or trigger send out when a lead's status is set as 'success', if a meeting is booked, etc.


  • Send content based on the outcome of conversations
  • Create templates to send out automatically
  • Use merge tags to personalize communication

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