Nordiske Medier

Nordiske Medier is Scandinavia's largest B2B media agency communicating constructive, reliable, and independent information to specific industries in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The company distributes its communication through print, media, and newsletters.


"You can customize Adversus to your exact needs, and it's effortless to do."

Baris Karakurt
Sales Manager
Nordiske Medier, Denmark

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With offices located in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, Nordiske Medier distributes news to large parts of the business community in the Northern part of Europe within industries like construction, shipping, transportation, etc.

The editorial staff delivers newsletters to more than 550.000 recipients and has around 450.000 print media readers.


We've had the pleasure of talking to the sales manager at Nordiske Medier's Danish department, Baris Karakurt, about the department's sales process, which primarily consists of selling subscriptions on different media to various companies.

Today, Nordiske Medier's Danish sales department includes 10 agents. They use Adversus to contact potential clients daily. 

"We're not a typical telemarketing department. We don't utilize all features within Adversus simply because we don't have the need for it. Instead, we prioritize having the best possible campaign management as well as being able to follow all agents closely, which Adversus allows us to do in an effortless and simple way," Baris Karakurt begins.

With a portfolio consisting of leads from numerous industries, there is a need to work with many different campaigns simultaneously. And that calls for some flexibility.

"We have many different campaigns with one shared goal; we want to call the best leads first. Here, potential clients could be companies signing up for a trial or leads who have read our articles without subscribing. When we call them, we ask about their needs or purpose for signing up and offer them our free trial. Furthermore, we have created campaigns for win-back, newsletters recipients, cold canvas, inbound sales, and more," Baris Karakurt continues. 


Since Nordiske Medier works within the B2B industry, it's essential to have a dialer that makes it possible to research leads before the agents call them. To avoid agents having to switch between multiple tabs to do their research, Baris Karakurt has set up iframes to gather all activities in one place, thus creating a smoother workflow.

"The use of iframes means that my agents can work directly in the dialer and avoid having various tabs open in different systems. We have integrated the functionalities our agents primarily use, which are our registration page, Bing, and the CVR register." 



Following performance closely

In addition to strict campaign management, Baris Karakurt also emphasizes the importance of following the agents' behavior and supporting them in their work with coaching during conversations.

"By following my agents' work and getting a clear understanding of what they spend their time on, we get an important insight into how we can optimize and react quickly if there are any issues or challenges. It really helps that we can listen live by just clicking on an agent - especially when you're dealing with a department that consists of many employees." 


When Baris Karakurt is not busy following his agents' work, the Reports module is used diligently to follow up on the department's performance - both on individual employees as well as the whole department:

"It's beneficial that the Reports module can save reports I've previously spent time creating and also automating the send-out of said reports to relevant people. I, myself, receive reports daily - reports that my employees also receive automatically. You can tailor everything according to your needs which is something I value a lot. It has to be easy when I work with something, and it is!"

Change of dialer solution

Like many other companies, the outbound sales work at Nordiske Medier began by using Excel spreadsheets. But as the department developed and activities grew, Excel became an inefficient tool. Therefore, the company decided to implement a dialer solution to ease and optimize the workflow. The company initially had its eyes on a different dialer solution, but after testing it, they recognized that it wasn't the right fit, resulting in the collaboration between Nordiske Medier and Adversus.

"With the first provider, we were challenged. The setup was neither easy to manage nor user-friendly. My biggest challenge was the lack of transparency about what I could do under different tabs. The layout and the entire platform management were simply outdated. I've been in the industry for many years and have tried Herobase, LeadDesk, Actimizer, IvoCall, and other systems, so I thought there just had to be something new. I began searching the market and found Adversus."

At the end of 2020, the implementation and onboarding of Adversus started. The primary need for optimal campaign management was one of the main criteria that Baris Karakurt could tick off his list. But the need for a frictionless implementation was also a priority.

"I think the entire setup is very uncomplicated and user-friendly with a modern look, which is why it has been so straightforward and tangible to get started. The key as a new user is quickly getting familiar with the system because it's easy, convenient, and clear," Baris Karakurt says and continues: 

"The onboarding itself was painless throughout the entire process. It was especially nice that I could reach out to you through your in-app chat instead of calling. Personally, I think it's pleasant to get the help you need at the exact place you need it. If I wrote to you with a question, you could see what I was doing and take over. That resulted in all of my challenges getting resolved immediately. That is unique compared to your competitors. From my experience, it was the best onboarding experience I've ever had - especially because of the rapid response time on the chat."

Implementing Adversus in the Swedish sales department

With inspiration from the Danish sales department, Nordiske Medier's Swedish sales department implemented Adversus in 2021. We've talked to Sarah Richenberg, the distribution and subscription coordinator in Sweden, about streamlining their sales process correspondingly to their Danish colleagues. 

"Right now, we have two agents calling in the sales department, but we will expand with more agents this autumn. We're doing this to get a more streamlined sales process. Our goal is to have more or less the same work process as the Danish department since their process works smoothly, and they have done this for a much longer time than we have. So far, I've only had great experiences with Adversus. The platform is easy to understand because everything is intuitive, and your support is 100% exceptional. I'm just looking forward to getting to know Adversus better and onboard new agents."

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