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Flexible user and partner access control

Advantageous permission groups

If you are looking for inspiration on which permission groups could be beneficial, look here.


Agents spend their days calling leads, so grant them access to the features they need in order to call and handle these leads. Avoid confusing them with features they shouldn't use.

This would include the Dialer, their leads, their sales and/or bookings, and an overview of their own calls.


As the name explains, administrators are usually administrating. To make this as easy to manage as possible, simply check the "Administrator" box under user settings, and the person in question will be granted administrator rights. Easy!

Team lead

Team leads often have the role of administrators, but for a limited amount of employees. This could be a team lead for your booking team and another one for your sales team.

If this is the case, remove the sales access for your booking team lead and vice versa.


If you're working on behalf of someone else, your customers, it's useful to let them have an overview of the activities and results you're providing them. 

To do that without them being displayed for irrelevant features, give them access to statistics. Here, they can use reports and dashboards.

Calendar user

Calendar users are meant for your internal and/or external consultants. These users' calendars are integrated with Adversus to allow agents to swiftly book appointments directly in their calendars.

But consultants also need access to specific features to manage their meetings. Permit them to see their own bookings and leads. 

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