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Sales module

Design a frictionless sales flow

Create your products

Create the products you're selling and attach them to relevant campaigns. Add, edit, and delete products in the blink of an eye, and give your agents easy access to register their sales.


  • Add as many products as you'd like
  • Decide the name, description, and price for each product
  • Get an easy overview of all products


Simple registration

Give your agents a simple way to register sales. Decide if the products are always shown in the dialer or only when the status changes to "success". They can now choose the products they have sold and the quantity.


  • Make it mandatory to choose products when the status is "success"
  • Choose one or several products available on relevant campaigns
  • See the total price on chosen products before saving the lead

Follow all sales

See all registered sales or filter your way to specific ones. Decide which lead data you want to have displayed next to the sale, and see which agent made the sale.


  • Find specific sales using numerous filters
  • Update the sale status or delete the sale
  • Get an easy overview of the sales count in units and currency


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